Protocol Labs Research

Guy Goren

Research Scientist / ConsensusLab


PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2022


MA in Economics and Management, 2017


BSc in Electrical Engineering, 2017


Guy is a researcher who specializes in distributed computing. He designs distributed algorithms that focus on applying abstract concepts, such as knowledge and silence, to provide a better understanding of fundamental problems and the underlying workings of protocols. He received a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Technion (Israel), with Prof. Yoram Moses as his advisor. Guy joined Protocol Labs to contribute to the research on agreement mechanisms (e.g. consensus) and to help bring theory closer to practice.

Areas of Expertise

Lower bounds for distributed computing, Faults models, Blockchains, Stochastic coordination


2024-02-01 / Report
A finality calculator for Filecoin’s Expected Consensus
We propose a finality calculator for Filecoin’s Expected consensus that considers what takes place during epochs and can attain, under normal operating conditions, an error probability of 2^(−30) in 30 epochs (15 minutes) - a 30x improvement over the current 900-epoch threshold.
2023-04-22 / Conference paper
Base fee manipulation in Ethereum's EIP-1559 transaction fee mechanism
In 2021 Ethereum adjusted the transaction pricing mechanism by implementing EIP-1559, which introduces the base fee - a fixed network fee per block that is burned and adjusted dynamically in accordance with network demand.
DISC 2023 / 2023.10.09 / L'Aquila, Italy
Sarah Azouvi , Guy Goren , Lioba Heimbach, Alexander Hicks

Blog posts

2023-04-20 / News
IPC subnets land on Filecoin Spacenet
The Interplanetary Consensus framework (IPC), formerly known as Hierarchical Consensus, addresses two challenges of blockchain networks, transaction volume and application heterogeneity. In doing so, it boosts the capabilities of the Filecoin network.