Protocol Labs Research

Alejandro Ranchal-Pedrosa

Research Scientist / ConsensusLab


PhD student in Blockchain Technologies, 2019–2022

The University of Sydney

MSc in User-Centric Networking, 2017-2018

Sorbonne Université

MSc in Internet Technologies & Architecture, 2016-2017

Technische Universität Berlin

Minor in Innovation and Entrepeneurship, 2016-2018

EIT Digital Master School

BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, 2012-2016

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Alejandro’s interests lie in the intersection of Distributed Computing, Game Theory, and Applied Cryptography that occurs at the Blockchain space. He is currently awaiting the final review of his PhD in Blockchain Technologies at The University of Sydney.

Before Protocol Labs, Alejandro worked at CEA Paris proposing protocols for scaling payment channels networks, as well as at IMT Paris and UAB Barcelona, where he found two critical attacks common to the Lightning Network and all its implementations. During his PhD, he worked on scaling Blockchains through subnets, increasing Blockchains' security through novel faults and game theoretical models, and enhancing Blockchains' decentralization via committee sortition proposing novel random beacon protocols.

Areas of Expertise

Distributed Computing, Game Theory, Applied Cryptography, Tokenomics

Blog posts

2023-04-20 / News
IPC subnets land on Filecoin Spacenet
The Interplanetary Consensus framework (IPC), formerly known as Hierarchical Consensus, addresses two challenges of blockchain networks, transaction volume and application heterogeneity. In doing so, it boosts the capabilities of the Filecoin network.