Protocol Labs Research

Denis Kolegov

Research Engineer / ConsensusLab


PhD in Computer Security, 2009

Tomsk State University

Specialist in Computer Security, 2005

Tomsk State University

Denis obtained a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in formal modeling of access control systems from Tomsk State University (TSU) in 2009 and the Docent title in computer security in 2012. Before joining Protocol Labs, Denis worked as a security researcher lead at Wallarm, where he was responsible for the research, design, and engineering of web application security mechanisms.

Denis has spoken at many practical security conferences such Black Hat Asia, Insomni’hack, Power of Community, Area41, DeepSec, and SecurityFest.

Areas of Expertise

Computer security, Distributed systems


Tendermint subnet consensus project update
ConsensusLab 22Q2 Team Week / 2022.02.07 / Dubai, UAE

Blog posts

2023-04-20 / News
IPC subnets land on Filecoin Spacenet
The Interplanetary Consensus framework (IPC), formerly known as Hierarchical Consensus, addresses two challenges of blockchain networks, transaction volume and application heterogeneity. In doing so, it boosts the capabilities of the Filecoin network.
2022-04-20 / Blog
The first graduating class of ConsensusLab projects
When ConsensusLab launched last year, we published a roadmap covering our first 18 months. We are still working towards that same roadmap, with minor adjustments over time to accommodate the changing landscape and externalities.