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2022-01-12 / News
Decentralized internet, networks, protocols, and systems (DINPS) workshop at IEEE ICDCS 2022: call for contributions
João Leitão, Yiannis Psaras

In June 2021, we ran a workshop on “Decentralizing the Internet with IPFS and Filecoin” (DI2F) alongside IFIP Networking 2021 to establish a forum for academics, researchers and developers to share their expertise and latest findings on decentralized storage, IPFS, libp2p, and Filecoin. The workshop attracted over 40 (virtual) participants, who created a great atmosphere with excellent presentations, insightful questions, and interesting side discussions.

The DI2F workshop marked the beginning of a large network of collaborations and projects, many of which are still active to the present day! Some of the results of the workshop, which you can find described in this blogpost recap, are now being used by several teams in the IPFS and Filecoin ecosystems.

A lot has happened since then and the Web3 space is only getting bigger, with more requirements for faster, more resilient, and more secure protocols and services. Building on this momentum, we are expanding the scope of this year’s workshop, now called Decentralized Internet, Networks, Protocols, and Systems, or DINPS for short. DINPS will take place with IEEE ICDCS 2022, a top-quality conference in the area of distributed systems.

The topics of interest are listed below, and the full Call for Papers can be found at the workshop’s website:

  • Architectural proposals for the advancement of the state of decentralized Internet services
  • Decentralized and peer-to-peer protocols and applications
  • Edge computing — with emphasis on decentralized solutions for the far edge and their integration with current Internet architectures
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of decentralized, networked systems and CDNs
  • Socio-economic, legal, and/or regulatory aspects of content-addressable, permissionless, P2P networks
  • Privacy and security of decentralized storage and delivery systems
  • Applications that build on top of decentralized network storage and retrieval protocols
  • Measurement studies on decentralized and edge computing infrastructures
  • Improvements to the IPFS protocol stack, libp2p, or the Filecoin storage and (especially) retrieval protocol from a performance, privacy, or security perspective
  • Cross-layer optimization between network- and decentralized service/application-layer protocols (e.g. consensus, pubsub, etc)
  • Pubsub protocol performance and security improvements for decentralized, blockchain-based systems (e.g. Gossipsub)

The workshop will accept several types of contributions, from 2-page demo papers and hands-on tutorial proposals to short 6-page contributions. Just like last year, the workshop will conclude with a 3-week post-event competition.

For now, roll up your sleeves and make sure to submit your latest findings by March 5th 2022! Further details on preparing your submission will be posted at the workshop website.