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2022-01-12 / News, Team
Introducing Patrick Woodhead, Retrieval Markets TPM

We are pleased to introduce Patrick Woodhead, the Technical Program Manager for the Retrieval Markets initiative. Research into data retrieval systems will be critical to the development of a CDN for Web3, and Patrick is helping to guide these efforts at Protocol Labs.

We asked Patrick about his journey to PL, the projects he’ll be helping us with, and his thoughts about future technological developments:

How did you decide to join Protocol Labs, and what are you working on?

My mind was blown when I first came across IPFS and so I kept track of the progress of Protocol Labs for some years before joining. Then when I heard about Filecoin, and read more IPFS updates like the integration with the Brave browser, I felt compelled to apply for a role!

What problems are you most interested in?

Privacy Preserving technologies. More recently, networking and distributed systems.

What future technology are you most excited about?

Web3, Smart Contracts, DAOs, DeFi, MPC, ZKPs

You can follow the Retrieval Market community’s work on the Retrieval Market Demo Day Playlist and learn about grant opportunities and upcoming events on the community webpage.