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Dario Catalano

Research Advisor / Cryptonet


PhD, 2002

Università di Catania

Laurea in Scienze dell'Informazione, 1995

Università di Catania

Dario is a professor at University of Catania. Before joining the University of Catania as faculty member, he was a full-time researcher at the French CNRS. There he was part of the Crypto Team at the Laboratoire d’Informatique de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris for five years: one year as a postdoc, and four as a CNRS researcher.

Dario’s main research interests are in the area of cryptography, and more specifically, on questions related to reducing the gap between theory and practice in cryptography. His most recent works address the realization of advanced yet efficient encryption mechanisms and the design of secure distributed digital signature schemes.

Areas of Expertise



2022-06-02 / Report
On the impossibility of algebraic vector commitments in pairing-free groups
Vector Commitments allow one to (concisely) commit to a vector of messages so that one can later (concisely) open the commitment at selected locations. In the state of the art of vector commitments, algebraic constructions have emerged as a particularly useful class, as they enable advanced properties, such as stateless updates, subvector openings and aggregation, that are for example unknown in Merkle-tree-based schemes.
Dario Catalano , Dario Fiore, Rosario Gennaro , Emmanuele Giunta
2020-04-08 / Conference paper
MonZa: Fast maliciously secure two party computation on Z_{2^k}
In this paper we present a new 2-party protocol for secure computation over rings of the form Z2k. As many recent efficient MPC protocols supporting dishonest majority, our protocol consists of a heavier (input-independent) pre-processing phase and a very efficient online stage.
IACR International Conference on Practice and Theory of Public-Key Cryptography (PKC) / 2020.05.04 / Edinburgh, Scotland
Dario Catalano , Mario Di Raimondo, Dario Fiore, Irene Giacomelli