Protocol Labs Research Grants and RFPs

Description: The Protocol Labs Request for Proposals (RFP) increases our impact by supporting community pursuit of solutions to important problems. It works on the basis of discrete calls directed to specific open problems, for which we solicit short applications. Applications are welcome from anyone, regardless of location or affiliation. Grant allocation is competitive but agile.

Instructions: To submit a proposal, please select the relevant program below. Each application consists of three forms in the left sidebar. You will need to complete each form individually, after which you must press the submit button to proceed to the next. Please note that the application form is a text-box submission form and will not accept PDF attachments.

You may allow additional individuals access to your application by using the collaborators feature in the left sidebar. The original form creator will, however, remain the point of contact throughout the application and evaluation process.

Please note: Proposals are considered and awarded based on individual objectives. We may choose to fund all objectives within a proposal or limit our funding to those most relevant and promising. Please be clear when describing your proposal's objectives and how you plan to achieve them. We assess applications competitively based on both budget and timeline, and prefer faster results even if the cost is the same. We will not cut budgets because they're taking less time than others).

To view past calls, visit our Github repo at

For more information about Protocol Labs Research, visit our website at


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