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2022-03-16 / Blog
Working in public @ ConsensusLab

Do you ever wonder what ConsensusLab is up to? If so, you’re in for a treat!

Ever since our launch in July ‘21, we’ve been sharing our work with the broader community – one of our very first initiatives was organising ConsensusDays. But, in 2022, we’re becoming more intentional about working in public.

You can read about a lot of our recent work in this very website, such as our recent paper, talk, and blog post on hierarchical consensus. But that’s just a small sample. Last week, we launched a new YouTube playlist and published the recordings of our team week for the first time (you’ll find a short summary here). If you head on to the playlist, you’ll also see a number of our other talks, as well as the project demos that we do just about every month.

This is still all rather passive and retrospective. But you’re also invited to interact with us on ongoing work, future ideas, and random discussions. On our GitHub repository, you’ll find tracking issues for each project – these not only link to all the relevant resources but now feature notes from our weekly calls. Have questions (or answers)? Post a comment on the issue, or come chat with us and many others in #consensus on the Filecoin Slack workspace – we’ll be happy to invite you to our next call. You’ll also find our detailed roadmap there, as well as the code we’re writing. Oh, and we’ll be organising further events this year, including a new edition of ConsensusDays, so stay tuned!

Would you like to see more? Have any ideas for how we can do things better? We’re all ears. We’re also hiring Research Engineers and Research Scientists – if you’re passionate about consensus and about working in the open, come and join us!