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2022-01-19 / News, Blog
Open problems in incentive research

CryptoEconLab is the PL hub for research in cryptoeconomics, an emerging interdisciplinary field investigating the dynamics of economic coordination games in cryptographically-secured peer-to-peer networks. CryptoEconLab stands at the intersection of computer science, network science, statistics, economics, psychology, decision neuroscience, and system engineering, and the problems it explores have strong resonances with the field of complex systems theory.

The researchers of CryptoEconLab have developed a set of Open Problems broadly related to incentive research, which we think of as a search for the appropriate parameters to turn in real-world cryptoeconomic networks, and we invite the research community to join the discussion of these problems on our Github Discussion Board. These problems reflect some of CryptoEconLab’s current research priorities, and we encourage researchers to consider applying for PL Research grants to support work on these topics.

One very welcome response to an Open Problem is a better formulated version of the problem, and we invite the community to iteratively refine these questions as necessary, and to pose new, related problems as issues in the CryptoEconLab github repo.

We look forward to working in public together!

We are always open to further discussion on our research topics and welcome opportunities to answer questions and develop collaborations. Join the discussion in our GitHub forum or reach out via email ( Active researchers may also be interested in our funding opportunities.