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2022-03-30 / News
New research opportunities from CryptoEconLab

The hard-thinking research scientists of the CryptoEconLab have developed a set of research questions that are particularly appropriate for scoped independent work. These questions can be used to design an MSc thesis or PhD industry-experience project for students in computer science, statistics, complexity science, economics, or related areas, or as the basis for independent research.

These four project areas concern problems that can be explored using Filecoin network data, or using Web3 ecosystems as a model system:

  1. Scaling structure and network stability: the Filecoin decentralized network generates millions of unique events per day. We’d like to understand the emergent scaling structure of event cascades, and how this structure can inform the economic impact of rare events on future network stability.
  2. Using machine learning to model the Filecoin network: we’d like to develop machine learning models with the necessary inductive biases to model data-rich Web3 systems like the Filecoin network
  3. Implementing optimal control in a blockchain system: we’d like to apply the lessons of the optimal control literature can be applied to blockchains, developing approaches to update tokenomic parameters in a systematic way
  4. Injecting stochasticity into Web3 game environments: this project concerns the dynamics of a specific Web3 game mechanic, the breeding system in Axie Infinity: what happens if we inject a bit of randomness into the system?

These project ideas can be discussed on the CryptoEconLab Discussion Board, and inquiries about opportunities for grant-supported research can be directed to

CryptoEconLab has also assembled a list of resources that we find particularly useful in our work, and that you might find interesting as well. Come join us on our cryptoeconomics learning journey!