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2022-07-13 / News, Team
Guy Goren joins ConsensusLab as a Research Scientist

ConsensusLab is excited to welcome Guy Goren to the team!

Guy joins us from Technion, where his PhD research focused on distributed data structures and algorithms, and particularly blockchain protocols.

We asked Guy about his journey and what brought him to Protocol Labs, the projects he’ll be working on, and his thoughts on future technological developments:

How did you decide to join Protocol Labs, and what are you working on?

Protocol Labs (and in particular ConsensusLab) has a great research team that explores some of the most fundamental infrastructure for blockchains. This was an exact match for what I was looking for: working with people with similar interests but different expertise, so that we can create new knowledge together. I am currently working on agreement problems, such as consensus, and specifically on the hierarchical consensus design paradigm, and on abstracting and formalizing the guarantees provided by different blockchain systems.

What research problems are you most interested in exploring?

Mapping the inherent trade-offs that agreement protocols provide, and designing Pareto-optimal solutions that offer better guarantees for practical uses.

What future technology are you most excited about?

Hard to say, since I still don’t know what will happen in the future… :-)