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2021-09-15 / News
PL Research at MetaScience2021

Protocol Labs Research is excited to announce that we will be participating in the MetaScience 2021 conference: a global virtual conference spanning two weekends, 16-18 September and 23-25 September, to connect the study of science across disciplines, methodologies, and regions. PL Research has organized a symposium about the role of tools in accelerating scientific discovery to take place on 18/19 September.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether the pace of scientific discovery is slowing. It may be that the increasing complexity of research at the scientific frontier creates a perception of decelerating scientific progress. Our panel will present and discuss the argument that our tools and incentive systems must be re-engineered to match the complexity of the scientific questions we face.

We’ll introduce and discuss some current implementations of:

  • Tools for discovering and mapping the knowledge frontier
  • Tools for sharing the current position of the knowledge frontier in a discipline or suite of disciplines
  • and tools for supporting, managing, and incentivizing research at the knowledge frontier

Our symposium includes researchers from academic institutions, not-for-profit research organizations, and industry R&D labs:

The talks will be short — about 5 minutes — and we expect to have a lively discussion afterward. We hope that you will join us at the event!