Protocol Labs Research
2020-04-20 / News, Team
Karola Kirsanow joins Protocol Labs Research

Karola is an experienced paleogeneticist, having studied and done research at Cornell, Oxford, and Harvard. While at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Karola led a project looking at the genetic adaptation of modern humans to an agriculturalist diet and, in 2016, she founded a consultancy specialising in academic grants applications, scientific editing, and data analysis. Starting today, she joins our team as a Research Program Manager. Here is a little more about Karola:

What path brought you to PL?

I took a rather circuitous path to Protocol Labs: from a background in stable isotope mass spectrometry, where I researched prehistoric ecological networks, I moved to human palaeogenetics, where I worked on understanding the role genetic networks play in human evolution. I was in a network state of mind, thinking about resilience and controllability in biological networks, when I discovered Protocol Labs' work building the distributed web.

What are you working on?

I enjoy thinking about networks in a biological context, from constructing genetic risk scores to unraveling complex networks of interacting genes. When I joined PL, I was working on some data science-related topics to augment my offerings as a consultant, and I’ll probably continue building out that skillset, shaded toward my role at PL Research. Of course I’m interested in learning more about the CS side of network science as well!

What future technology are you most excited about?

I’m excited by new technologies like augmented reality that have the potential to enhance our interactions with each other in the physical and social world. But I’m also interested in rediscovering some older technologies—such as traditional methods of resource conservation—that could be important in increasing the diversity and resilience of natural ecosystems.