Protocol Labs Research

Trent Davis

Research Marketing Lead / Research Marketing


MSc in Applied Economics & Management, 2020

Cornell University

BS in Economics, 2015

Washington State University

BA in International Business, 2015

Washington State University

Trent joined Protocol Labs in April 2021 after spending time working at Cornell University and helping develop the Smart Contract Research Forum. He received his MSc in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell, where he focused on consumer, agricultural, and development economics. Before starting graduate school, Trent spent two years living in the Peruvian jungle working with coffee and pineapple farmers to increase their access to markets. Outside of tech research, Trent is passionate about both sustainable coffee farming and wine production. Eventually he hopes to one day own and operate a coffee farm, but until then he is excited to push the boundaries of open source technology and research!

Areas of Expertise

Mechanisms for tokenomics and equitable wealth distribution, Consumer economics of blockchain integration in supply chains


2022-06-15 / Conference paper
Influencing NFT pricing on secondary markets: A case study of Vpunks
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) allow for users to transfer the digital rights of a good, for example, art, via a blockchain. This enables users to track the art’s proof of origin and authenticity.
CryptoAssets and Digital Asset Investment Conference / 2022.04.07 / Rennes, France